Perspective, Please.

If it’s one thing that is super challenging to do, it is putting things into perspective.

No one ever wants to sit down and just put things into perspective when they are angry, depressed, or anxious.

You just found out your significant other was being unfaithful?  There is absolutely no time to think that maybe they’re obviously battling some personal issues and them cheating is not a reflection of you and that you’re better off taking the high road.

You are dealing with a bully boss even though everyone knows you work your ass off?

You’re too busy worrying about your job to understand that no job is worth lowering your quality of life and that, in the end, they’re hurting the company with their shit management skills and you aren’t the problem.

You lost a friend because he/she feels the need to compete with you in everything?

You’re too hurt and puzzled to piece together that your friend is insanely insecure and no healthy relationship can surface with someone like that. Don’t even get me started on this one ( even though I technically already got myself started. Derp.) because this blog will crash with how much should be said about this kind of person.


So, it is really difficult to sit back and analyze what’s happening when it is happening and even AFTER it has happened.
And we really cannot fathom to ponder these situations BEFORE they happen because why would we? We usually only think about something only after it has happened to us.

The problem with failing to put things into perspective is that it causes people to turn bitter after a failed relationship, friendship, job, etc.  It impacts people so negatively because they take the results of the falling out at face value.

Don’t ever take things as they are.

Most times things are not as they seem.

So, you think they cheated on you because you aren’t attractive, smart, and entertaining?  You think they are WAYYY happier with that person, do you? Yeah, you might feel that way for a loooooooooooooooong time.  Until you hear that HEY, they cheated on the person they cheated on you with.

GASP. Are you surprised? You shouldn’t be.  Want to know why??????

                                                If they do it with ya, they will do it to ya.

That is the honest truth right there.  If they are going to cheat WITH someone, they more than likely will end up cheating ON them, too.

Cheaters have a problem.  They are typically unhappy with themselves and really can’t decide what’s good for them in their personal life so they just go shitting on it every time they have something good or bad. It’s all the same to them.  Again, this really isn’t your fault.

SIDE NOTE: If you’re abusing, neglecting, or just straight up being a jerk off to your partner then this really shouldn’t apply to you. I mean, in essence, it could be your fault they cheat in the end. Not saying it’s RIGHT.
         ButJustSomeQuickAdvice: If you’re dealing with a jerk for a partner, just leave them. Try not to cheat.

Okay Back To The Blog.

So, you think your best friend ghosted you and broke your friendship because you’re the problem? But you thought you guys were tight!  Everything was FINE. Then they started getting all “weird and being a b______” , right?  This leaves you feeling pretty bad about yourself.  What did you do wrong, you bad friend?

Again….Things aren’t as they seeeeeem!

When a friend breaks a friendship for really no reason that is because they just don’t see you fit to be in their life anymore because they are obviously amazing and its their world and you were just some peasant in it, remember?

That is THE CASE if there were no prior problems in your friendship.  Hate to say it but not really :


                                A HAIRY ONE.

Let them go……

Let’s wrap this up, yeah?

Every situation is always an opportunity for you to really exercise your skills in sorting through your emotions and putting things into perspective.
Don’t wait for total chaos to force you to do this.

Trivial matters such as your petty friend acting like an ass or your boss being a tyrant all will give you great access to really pondering the kind of perspectives that you can explore.

Who knows- you might just come to the conclusion that you need more personal growth than those hurting you or wreaking havoc on your peace of mind.

Annnnd the end.

I’m off to go think some more.

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