Jane nailed it. Don’t be a crappy human.

So I am studying British literature for the next few months.  I would be lying if I said I wasn’t a big fan of British literature.   I wonder who the next Jane Austen of this era would be? Any takers? Anyone else into British literature?

Anyways, Jane Austen had the very talented habit of focusing on the trivial and mundane aspects of life that we tend to forget when we dive out of reality and into the world of fiction.

I mean, why else do we anticipate the remake of Stephen King’s “It” or rush to the book store to buy J.K Rowling’s latest piece of work?

Jane Austen, though, never failed to remind readers of the realities of situations.  How ignoring someone can hurt them or how making snarky comments can cause an avalanche of mental insecurities.  These are things we are trained to ignore during the course of everyday life.  We are taught to not “let it get under our skin” or to “shake it off”.

But in the midst of these fool proof actions to continue on with life despite these marble sized curve balls, can we truly ever forget that these things exist?  Can we truly ignore the fact that human nature is so vile unless taught otherwise?

I don’t think we can.

And why is that we must always advocate working on how we should better deal with these situations versus advocating a stop to the catalysts of these situations – the most self unaware people to ever exist.

Why should we ignore the snarky remarks from the wanna-be bully? Why should we sit back and rationalize why our significant others won’t call us when we want them to no matter how many times we complain about it and ultimately conclude that we are just too needy? Why should we suck it up when someone is rude to us out at the market? WHY, why, why?

Truth  is: These totally oblivious catalysts always finish the race last.  It doesn’t matter if they’re the most successful jerk face out there.  They will always end up last in the grand scheme of things.  The failure to understand their faults will catch up to them.  The failure to notice that the reason they have so many problems with people is because of THEM will be their downfall.

Here is the ugly reality: You can’t live life pretending you’re perfect and everyone else is just broken.  Many times, it’s the other way around and everyone around you has to suffer for it.  Everyone around you has to build a wall dividing them from you.  Everyone around you has to brace their selves and mentally prepare their minds for your presence. Most of all, everyone around you will TALK about this with eachother.

That must feel horrendous when you finally understand that.  When you finally understand:

               Hey, I might be the most unpleasant wackadoo to be around.  I have to make some changes.

And most wackadoos won’t even get as far to the “I have to make some changes” part.

That is sad. That is sad to be living so lost but thinking you are the true navigator of your life.

Don’t be someone that people need to form a support group in order to cope with your existence.

Why again?

And that is why we must always advocate toughing through the trivial and sometimes unpleasant interactions with other people.  That is why we have to hold ourselves to a higher standard, because through these self unaware people we become more aware of ourselves.  We learn how NOT to behave and become more cognizant of how we treat others.

We might not be first in the race, but we are keeping up.  We are doing a hell of a lot better than those trailing behind but celebrating as if they already won the race.

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