You are a song.


A poem to you is a song for me,

I can write down the slow melody,

A few words to read are a few lines to sing,

With a tune the words flow more easily,

I am more productive in nature’s quiet,

I am too distracted when I write with music so I will not try it,

I form inspiration from the songs we used to hear,

The lyrics sang up memories and it felt like you were near,

I am sure you know what tracks would make you real in my mind,

I think you know the ink we dip into to write our own is too scarce to find,

It’s the same ink you wrote your initials on me with,

Though no one could ever figure who ___ exactly is,

I remind you of a time that was not complex but still surreal,

You remind me of when my heart was turbulent but still genial,

I think my path will always cross yours,

I think I could always spot you, even in the tall grassed moors,

As you age you will never die,

So secure a knot I would never desire to untie.


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