Cracking a cold one on a Monday night. 

From your hair to your eyes to your build,

From your laugh to your words to your mind,

From the faith that you always spilled,

To the one I left behind,

From everything about you yesterday I adored,

To now I absolutely wholeheartedly abhore,

I loathe every waking moment I ever knew you,

I pity that I cannot reach out and smite you,

From the pride that sickens me to my core,

To the anger that rules me unusually strong,

From the blows to the wall that turn my knuckles sore,

To the life you lead so damn wrong,

I laugh at your audacity,

I smirk at your hilarity,

Deceitful, neglectful, foolish, tasteless,

Farce, pun, parody, nameless

Oh, how I cannot wait to escape the little sight of you,

Oh, how I am glad my journey with you is through.

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