Green looks atrocious on ya.

I don’t understand why people have to be so spiteful, or envious, or jealous…. or why some people have to try to intentionally make you feel those things.

All of those things are just ugly to feel. Don’t you hate feeling so spiteful? Think about it, acting out of spite is you intentionally going out of your way to find something to do or say to bother someone else.

Think about that.

Doesn’t that drain you? Doesn’t that chip away at ANY benevolence that exists within you? Doesn’t it suck walking under a dark and stormy cloud all the time? It’s not a cool melancholy cloud, either.  It has dust filled rain drops and the weather is atrocious under the cloud where you have to take your sweater off only to put it on a minute later.

Being envious and jealous is just as bad as being spiteful.  It is not a good feeling. It induces insecurity and it encourages you to question yourself and what you have to offer.  It is so poisonous that it can drive you to bitter ends and posess you to act out in  ways you know you would and SHOULD NEVER act out in.

And if any reader is reading this and you have intentionally tried to make anyone feel that way:

Shame on you.

Shame on you for trying to inflict that kind of mental damage on someone.  Shame on you when the one with the real security issues here is you.

IT is key to understand that there is no competition between anyone.  Sure; it is in our human nature to want to compete with our neighbors.  We want to fight over that guy or girl.  We want to be better than our friends.  We want to surpass the stranger.

This is human nature.  It is in our nature to feel spiteful, envious, and jealous on many occasions.

But does that mean we should let these emotions dictate how we run our lives 100% of the time?

Should we succumb to these emotions and just give in?

Screw it, you win,Mind.

You win.


Remember, it is we that have control of our mind and not the other way around.  The mind is a powerful thing.  It is especially over powering when it teams up with the EGO. 

And this is why we feel those things.  Our ego gets the best of us and our mind just keeps pushing it farther into our consciousness. No, stop it, how dare US. How dare we allow this kind of mental deteriation? How dare we allow our minds to control us this way when it is supposed to PROTECT us?

Why do our minds turn on us sometimes?

We allow it, surely, we must.

It is , after all, our minds.

I have no solution for this one, folks.

Excuse the typos.  It just adds to how hastily I typed this in about 2 minutes.

Goodnight, friends.


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