9 hours later within the same day….

So, earlier today I posted a blog when my thoughts were scattered.  Now, about 9 hours later I am prepared to write another blog with more organized thoughts.

I had asked my instagram friends and followers this simple question:

What are some messed up thoughts that have crossed your mind?

And then I asked them a complicated question:

How do you handle them?

The former question was simple because we usually know when bad thoughts creep into what we think is our sanity.  These unwelcomed imps infiltrate our thought processes often.  We know exactly what ails us mentally and what brings us emotional torment.  We know how we sabotage ourselves on the daily.

The latter question is complicated because not all of us know how to cope with these intrusive thoughts.

What I noticed from those that commented, and I thank you all for commenting, was that most people have something in common and that is the innate desire to immediately self deprecate.

Why is that we feel the need to shut ourselves down?

Some people cope with this by talking themselves out of it.  Or, they merely accept that life just is unfortunate sometimes. Others resort to giving themselves positive affirmations.  Also, others dive into mediums and outlets to drown out their demonized thoughts.

I woke up today feeling torn down.  There were a few things that made me feel such a way but the point is that I really should not have felt that way.  I seriously have NO reason to feel that way.  First world promblems, AmIRight?

After about 9 hours of hard thinking and floating through my work day, I can say I arrived back at home with peace in my heart. What would have taken me weeks and months to get over when I was younger now takes about a day.

The catalyst for my peace was knowing and understanding that I am not ultimately or necessarily alone in my internal battles.  Almost everyone fights the same battle daily. We must all find ways to survive our own minds, and for the most part we do.

We have to continue learning ways to survive our own mental games…and most importantly how to stop our mind from being our enemy.

Has anyone else had this revelation? Also, how have you grown in terms of your emotional intelligence? What coping mechanisms have you implemented into your daily routine?

Thanks for reading.

I’m out!


2 thoughts on “9 hours later within the same day….

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  1. I think that was a great ending to the day! Acceptance is power, utilize that power! If you can’t change a fact about something, the change how you let it affect you! Great ending to the day!


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