Has anyone seen the movie Heartthrob? It’s on Netflix.  I don’t know what genre it is, but I’d say it was a tragedy.  Yes.  Starts as a romance, perhaps, but defnitely ends in tragedy- Spoiler alert: The dude dies in the end.

Actually…almost everyone dies in the end.

Anyways, movie-length story short:

Genius MIT-accepted-guy meets skanky-reputation-having community-college “beauty” (Who narrates this film, by the way).  I use the term loosely as the character was not my idea of beauty but hey! Watch the film and draw your own opinion, beholders.

They connect on some weird astronomical level that no one would ever predict (No, really, astronomy plays a big metaphorical role in this romance-tragedy-whatever it is).  But then …… trouble is AFOOT!

MIT guy becomes increasingly obsessed with beauty way too fast and way too intensely.  YUP, The complete Lifetime Movie Network starter pack for abusive boyfriends:

-Taps her phone

-Wackadoo obscene jealous outbursts

-Kills her guy friends

-Breaks into her house to watch her sleep

-“Accidentally” Hits her one time leaving her very bruised

Yup.  But the twist to this is at the end of the movie (When he ultimately saves everyone from himself and stabs himself to death)and Community College Beauty ACTUALLY concludes the story with her admitting that perhaps she was wrong in never reciprocating the lovely three word spell :

I love you.

Through the movie he continuously tells her that he loves her.  She, though? Cricket, cricket.

It is his death that finally leads her to ponder on how much she actually did love him.  Kind of twisted, don’t you think? She shows absolutely no feelings towards her best friends who are also dead (MIT guy murdered them).

She ends the movie with saying “It is not what you did that bothers me, but what I didn’t do” which was saying “I love you, too”.

HM?!!!!!!  QUE QUE??????

Was this movie meant to have viewers look at a different side of abusers? Let’s face it- this guy was abusive.  Or atleast getting there.  Also, why was the abuser borderline genius? MIT, hello?

Could their respective colleges be a reflection on the different roles both parties played in this ultra unhealthy relationship?

MIT guy is the dominant and witty manipulator and Community College Beauty is, well, not as smart as MIT guy annnd super oblivious to everything he was doing thus making his whole escapade easier to embark on to constantly ruin her life but cover it up with “Oh, I love you so much”?

AND IT WORKED!!!! She was absolutely in love with him when he died! In fact, she took the blame!!!!!


The movie actually depicts the true mental damage an abuser can have on their victim.  It really does.


It perhaps states that maybe we should just love everyone, even if they’re psychotic murderers.  But I doubt that.


I kind of related to it. *Cough* who said that? Me?

Yeah. I did.  I think this is something we all actually can relate to.  How many times have you fallen in love with a destructive person? Whether they were self destructive or outwardly abusive?  Most of us cannot even recognize when someone behaves this way because usually it’s novel to us.

However, once we have seen it, it is really hard to UNsee it.  Therefore, we can identify this unhealthy behavior in people right away- unfortunately for some of us, with enough practice.

QUESTION: Have you ever been attached to someone like this? How did you deal with it?

Well, there’s my blog for the week!!!!

I cannot watch, read, or hear any lyrics without interpreting it! Hope you enjoy.


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