How to Read a Book.

Welcome to “How to Read a Book”.

Today I will be explaining to you the most efficient way to read a book of any length.

So you have selected a book that tickles your fancy, eh? The book summoned you by appealing to your own aesthetic heart in ways all the other books did not.  Was it the cover? The back of the book summary? Or perhaps the reviews?

Well, It doesn’t matter much!

Let’s get right into it!

First step is to hold your book, closed.  Make sure you hold it with a firm grip but NOT TOO FIRM! Lest you end up wrinkling any of the pages, or worse- the paper back cover (if you happened to select a paper back book).

Feel the weight of the book. Imagine all the many ways you can read it, where you can read it, how you can read it (Some are written backwards, such as Japanese Mangas).

Next, flip through the pages a few times just incase the book is brand new and some pages are stuck together.


Open the book to page 1.

[Note: Some books will include an Author’s note at the beginning or end of books.  Others might include an editor or author’s introduction before page 1.  These introductions might be numbered in roman numerals to distinguish these select pages from the rest of the numbered pages in the book]

Some books are modeled differently when it comes to numbering their pages.

You will find the pages numbered as any of the following:





The number (or numeric word) placement can vary from:

top corners, bottom center, or top center of the page.

As you begin reading, make sure that you keep an eye on the page number for two reasons:

  1. This will help you mentally book mark where you are in the event you lose your place in the book for any number of reasons : You drop your book (which you should not due to your firm grip), someone distracts you causing you to look up, or you have to shut the book in a scurry somewhere.
  2. Sometimes your initial page flip does not prove successful in separating all the pages.  Some pages are prone to sticking together. Keeping an eye on your page number will guarantee you will not skip a page that will reneder you utterly puzzled on what’s going on.

Lastly, Begin reading at Chapter 1.  Most books published in the 21st century will begin with a Chapter 1.  Some are written in forms similar to epics, beginning with a Book 1, where chapters will be included inside of each book.

Be sure to not flip to the last page of the book as this will spoil the plot line for you!

Now you know how to read a book.

Enjoy your journeys!

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