Rain in my Desert

The rain complements my mood,
As this climate does every day.
The dark clouds enable me to brood,
And explore my faculties in many ways,

The rain falls so scarcely,
It is appreciated by many,
The seasons treat us unfairly,
Season change? Hardly any.

The rain is just like you,
Falling upon me so rare,
I try to catch the drops but they just slip through,
They run down and away from me without a care,
The rain soaks everything,
It seeps into the smallest of cracks,
The floods form with no chance of thinning,
The animals no longer can see their muddy tracks,

The rain reminds me,
Of a time when you were so new,
But today it reminds me,
Of the you I once knew,

This storm is inspirational to many like me,
Wandering souls that confide in tempests,
Who look for healing through and out,
With our most passionate senses.

-Byronyca : Leslie Ann D.

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