It’s hard.

…running a blog. Over a year ago I created this blog with high hopes of it turning into something I could actually fall in love with.

But, like love, working on a blog is a lot of…well. That. Work.

It takes nurturing and care. It is a whole responsibility on its own. I have contemplated writing about things people can relate to. I even tampered with the idea of a fictional blog before it became silly to me.

Other people might be good at it. But nope, not me.

Or maybe I just shut my avenues down before the battle hits. Perhaps, I just am my own worst enemy.

I admire other bloggers and people who keep their work up and I just think they’re the masters of time management. Surely, they must carry on other jobs, families, and hobbies. Otherwise, why would they write in the first place?

Forums tell me:

write About something you’re passionate about.

Well. I am passionate about a lot of things. I get passionate over the most minuscule things and over very major things, as well.

Sometimes I’m passionate about an Autozone associate pissing me off because I know what to buy, stop telling me to bring a man in.

Other times I am passionate about a new piece of sheet music I found online that I can’t stop raving about because wow they have a version for the clarinet!?

So how exactly do I pin point what I’m passionate about?

It’s hard, you know.

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