My Desert City

Today my city received rain.
That usually doesn’t happen in this city. The climate is too dry and way too hot. The city’s foundation also isn’t built for rain. The streets begin to crack and get holes in them.

The city isn’t built for rain, period. People can’t drive in the rain for some reason. Too many crashes occur in 2 inches of rain. Rain is such a cause for celebration and panic.

The city folk panic when they’re out and about in it, but celebrate it when they can stay within the comfort of their home. Rain is celebrated but also worried about because rain signifies something that not too many people like in this city: Change.

I love this city. You can’t beat the pleasant life you can build for yourself here. Sure, like every city you have your rough parts of it. But other than that, it’s an easy to live place.

Change, though, is hard to come by here. It freaks people out.

I will say something, though.

The city is growing. Slowly, but surely. Change is coming. I hope the city will thrive a few years from now. I hope the calibre changes and the dynamic of the whole atmosphere improves- even better than what it is today.

I will miss the city when my young self goes exploring other places to live. I can only hope that the culture shock I face isn’t too over whelming that will chase me back to my desert city.

That tends to happen alot with natives.

I think I’ll take a walk and enjoy my time with the clouds and the smell of rain before the humidity sets in.

Goodnight, friends.

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