Reflection// “She Was Pretty Ugly”

Hey Y’all.

Thanks for reading my short story “She’s Pretty Ugly”.

I wrote it with a personal experience of mine while I was in a Dallas, TX mall in the summer of 2017.

I was there in front of the Microsoft store at some fancy mall right in the middle of the city. Alot of window shopping was done by me- I was a college student in between jobs! I couldn’t afford major design brands…yet!

So, I’m sitting there waiting for my family to get their shopping done and I see these two gorgeous women. As a secure, heterosexual woman I can honestly say I have no problem admiring the beauty of other women. These women were really rather beautiful! I come from a city where brown eyes, dark skin, and brown and black hair is very common.

If you come to my city and you have blonde or red hair and any kind of color that ISN’T brown in your eyes, you’re something to be admired.

I smiled at the women who turned to see me looking at them and that was the end of that.

However, I did notice that they kept staring at me, as well. I shrugged it off and went about my people watching as I looked all around the general area of where I was sitting.

Then the women came over and asked if I could take pictures of them. I did find the request odd, but hey, maybe we were all tourists here. Perhaps this was their first time in this same mall.

It hadn’t dawned on me that perhaps maybe they were being pretentious. I’m from a small city where people mostly keep to themselves. I don’t really get asked to take pictures often as the city doesn’t attract many tourists.

I understand that my thoughts on them being pretentious might have been totally false and perhaps I had just jumped to conclusions. I wasn’t bothered by the notion of that being FACT, but it did provoke deep thought into me.

It made me think about vanity and being AWARE of your physical appearance. When we find ourselves to be goodlooking, is there an etiquette we must follow when handling this knowledge? Do we embrace it and show ourselves off to the world? Requesting that admirers take photos of them?

Or do we pretend it’s not there? Do we act with humility and don’t highlight what we favor of our physical features?

There must be a balance, obviously. There are many beautiful people with beautiful hearts. But what makes the beautiful people with the wicked hearts tick?

It is important to know that beauty will fade. We don’t take our beauty with us when we die. We all return to bones and dirt. People don’t recall what we looked like when we were alive. They talk about the things we did, said, and accomplished.

So, whether you know you’re a stud or a babe walking around, remember that true beauty is what radiates from you. Not what is on you.

P.S The story was only INSPIRED by an event. I am not a mortician and no I don’t strive to murder beautiful people.

Thanks for reading!




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