The Man [2]

I didn’t get a chance to write yesterday. There was some commotion going on with you-know-who. He was SCREAMING last night and it scared me half to death. I had a thought to call the police but then I rationalized that he really wasn’t doing anything.
Except screaming at his own reflection, maybe.
How terrible would I feel, then? They’d take the poor guy down to some looney bin and I’d be responsible for the down fall of his …downfall.

Maybe he’s happy screaming to himself and pounding his fists into the walls until they’re bleeding raw.

Maybe that’s just his idea of a good time and every one freaks out about it.

Kind of the way our parents flip out when all we were trying to do as kids was get our party on.
Insanity is his party, you know?

So, I’m sitting here today writing this but he’s began screaming at himself again so now I am a bit freaked out.

But I can manage to make out some words other than the occasional “F***!!!!!!!!!!”

Wait. Wait. Okay. He says “Mother……………forces on me…….”


“Quiet…………shut down………mother……..F***!!!!!!!!!!!!”

That’s about it. Decoding that might not even be worth my time. I am unsure if he’s referring to an actual mother or the…other term.

The screaming is getting rather cumbersome to deal with when I am trying to sleep, however. Maybe complaining won’t be such a bad idea…

Nah. We decided, right? His insanity is his playroom. Why take him away from that? Who needs sleep, anyways? I wonder if he ever sleeps.

I just yelled “STOP ALREADY!!!!”  And would you believe it? The screaming stopped. Now I hear a low gutteral humming. He’s humming. I think I’ll try to sleep. I’ll keep you updated.

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