The Man [3]


He must be a vampire. I cannot think of any other reason of why he loses his mind during the day when the sun is out the way he did yesterday. Let me tell you. He was PISSED.

So, it was hot. It was a really sunny day and the sauna that the city turned into was truly remarkable. What was even more stunning was that humans adapt to this apocalyptic weather in the weirdest, yet clever, ways.

The WHOLE DAY the man next door was yelling and stomping about in his room. I couldn’t believe it. I was in and out most of the day. It is around 7:30 at the moment and the sun is going down. It seems his temper is going down , too.

I wonder if he ever just tires himself out. Does he ever sleep? I still wonder what the hell he looks like.

I mean, I’m not a fan of summer, myself. But you don’t seem shouting and screaming about the place!

Did you hear that?
Why am I asking YOU? It’s not like you’re here with me. It sounds like it’s knocking. He’s knocking. Is he trying to communicate with me?

I just knocked back.

He began shouting again.

Big sigh. I’ll keep you updated.


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