The Man? [4]

A few days have passed and I haven’t written anything regarding anything at all. It’s safe to say today was the first day that I actually had my wits about me. More like the first hour. I haven’t been sleeping well. It’s as if I am asleep but I am aware that I am asleep. My body is asleep but my mind isn’t.
Some odd things have been happening to me, too.


I feel I should elaborate on last night’s events, however….

I fell asleep trying to read one of my favorite novels Pamela.  I say “trying” because I kept getting distracted by small noises that I would ignore prior to last night.  However, this time around I just couldn’t ignore them. Nearly every noise made me wonder the origin of it and why it continued to incessantly make sound.

As I was asleep someone came into my room and took me. I was going along with them in the most submissive way. My mind was screaming “What are you doing letting him take you?!” but my body was quietly singing “Alriiighht, where to???”. I don’t remember where he took me. I don’t remember any of it. Only to find out I was back in my bed again with a hand over my face. I was breathing into the palm of a big hand covering my face.

Then…my head is being shaken. Side to side and back and forth. I hear a man’s voice saying “Wake up. Wake up.”

That’s not how mom wakes me. Dad, is that you?

The palm shakes my head. I try to smell the hand but it has no scent. It has nothing to it except its grip over my face. It can crush me. It can crush me in the way you wouldn’t want to imagine your best friend’s head getting crushed. I was at the mercy of a man with a deep voice and strong palm. He could smother me if he wanted. So, why doesn’t he?

Wait, I had wondered. Was this the same man that took me?

All of a sudden, I jerk up and I am now looking around my bed. I see a figure move out of my peripherals. I sat up alert and startled. I can’t recall if I screamed or not. I sat there staring at the spot where I last saw the figure. I waited a hard five minutes before finally sinking back into my bed.

There was no consoling myself that it was all a terrible nightmare. I am convinced the man next door was in my room. He had me in some sort of trance. I am defenseless and I don’t know whether to refer to this man as a man anymore, or something …more than man.

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