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I took a break from writing some fictional stuff to writing some stuff that might be relatable.

Have you ever been so frustrated that in order to form a relationship with someone you have to deal with another human being? I think that most people don’t understand what it means to take care of someone else. That is someone’s emotional, mental, and physical well being that is in your hands.

People never really stop to think on what exactly they’re dealing with they decide to say “I’m going to ask this person to invest their time, energy, and thoughts into me”.

That’s a lot to ask of someone. When we get into a relationship we have to understand that we are getting into a relationship not just for mutual benefit but to take care of someone else other than you. A concept that is rarely seen as a responsibility is that of a relationship.

I’m here to tell you: a relationship is hard work. It takes nurturing and consistency. A lot of people don’t understand this. That’s fine. But if you come across this and want to give it a read, please take this information in and store it in your “Social cues” storage in your brain.

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